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Presidential Series

Product code: Highlander II Fluted Black Body
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Model : KOC II-PLRSBF 3.5 - 12 x 50 (Variable Power)

Model : KOC II-PLRSBF 6 x 50 (Fixed Power)

Our Fluted riflescopes are the Toughest, Strongest, most Durably made riflescopes available today.
Presidential Long Range Series Riflescope
Hignlander II Fluted Black Body with Silver Flutes


King Optics Canada has designed, engineered and developed the First and Only Fluted Long Range Series Riflescopes in the industry for the serious hunters and shooters who take pride in their equipment and settle for nothing but the best.
The Presidential Long Range Series riflescope is not just an ordinary,
conventional riflescope. This telescopic instrument is a master piece of art, with a unique body design, equipped with an Unbreakable KOCII Long Range Reticle which has the ability to range find distances up to 800 yards, adjust bullet trajectory accordingly and instantly with no electronic devices used or needed to calculate bullet path.

"Just Aim and Shoot"

The body for this unique scope is machined and fluted from one solid piece
stock of high grade 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum down to a 30mm diameter tube.
The triple thickness of our fluted scopes also eliminates damage to the scope body and internal parts which occurs to ordinary conventional riflescopes by over tightening the scope rings. It also provides maximum body strength and a 50% reduction in rifle recoil to the entire scope.

Our fluted riflescopes are the Toughest, Strongest, most Durably made
riflescopes available today.

To provide a lifetime performance in our scopes, we have positioned the erector lenses, KOC II reticle and all the internal parts inside a tube, (Helicoid tube) which we then insert and secure inside the fluted scope body to prevent movement of the internal parts and to ensure it remains centered at all times.

All threaded parts are also sealed and liquid compound is applied to all threads to ensure permanent tightness.
Our KOC I and KOCII long range reticles are engineered to precisely calculate trajectory, range find, compensate wind speed and angle position. All factors for long range shooting were considered and applied to ensure long range accuracy.

The lenses are fully multi coated on both sides of the glass with a thin layer of green film on the surface of the glass.
The Clarity of the optics is superb.
30mm Body
UV eye protection green film on surface of the lenses.
50MM objective lenses.
Long eye relief 3.5"
Range finder and trajectory KOC II reticle with Illuminating red dot
1/4" Precise MOA windage and elevation adjustment
Quick focusing ring.
See through flip up lens covers.
Shockproof - Sealed and nitrogen filled to ensure 100% waterproof and fog proof.
Cordura zipper bag Included.