About Us

Teznik Australia is a wholesale import and distribution company offering specialised services to the firearms industry, with a key emphasis on innovative quality products and customer service.

Our Australian researched, developed and designed products include the renowned Bistoli drag bag and adjustable cheek piece accepted and commended by many across the globe to include, hunters shooter, enthusiasts, product review critics and competitors has propelled the Bistoli product excellence.

Our active participation with firearms and its associated sports has led our 45 year passion in developing and distributing products that reflect our key values and clean cut principals.

Our dedicated commitment, the pre requisite; and enforced demand for quality endurance and customer value for money products is underpinned by our finest products and brands.

It is the unique stand out fixtures of Bistoli, King Optics and other selected products distributed by Teznik Australia that separate them with an unparalleled advantage making them available for both professional and recreational enthusiast to enjoy.